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We strongly believe that Nutrition is equi-important to exercise to keep fit.

Venky's Sports Nutrition has the global vision and approach to provide nutritional health supplements with the quality of highest grade and safety.

Our product range is developed considering the body's requirements & ability to process ingredients and is free from banned substance.

Venky's Nutrition is committed to quality. Our goal is to enhance performance in sports and fitness through superior nutrition which can result in a measurable increase in speed, quickness, mobility, and muscle strength.

Nutrients are the substances that: Energize the body like Carbohydrates, Build and repair tissues like Protein, Regulates body's metabolic processes like Vitamins, Minerals and Fluids.

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High Biological Value (BV) Protein- Advanced Albumen Plus

Nutritionists commonly refer to eggs as the Gold Standard for protein quality. Eggs are a 'complete' protein containing all of the essential amino acids. They're also naturally free of lactose, so egg protein makes a great alternative to dairy-based protein powders. Each scoop of Advanced Albumen Plus packs as much protein as 7 large egg whites.